Usui Reiki Master, Teacher, Healer

Holy Fire Reiki Master, Teacher, Healer

Karuna Reiki Master, Teacher & Healer

Theta Healer Certification

Ruth Harrington is a Serenity Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Healer helping tired and exhausted People find vitality and love of life again!

Ruth always felt the present of Spirit as a child.

The tragic car accident of her husband (high school sweetheart), who’s death he predicted, with 3 small children, was a strain.

Ruth experienced a period of unbalance. Her medical traditional regimen eventually failed.

This led to many health problems, surgeries, pain, addiction, depression, despair, fatigue and burn out.

Failed personal relationships and professional struggles followed as well.

Guided by Spirit she began non traditional means of healing and immediately felt better.

Thus, her spiritual journey began and she has never felt better.

Today, Ruth offers non traditional healing modalities and support to others so they may begin their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing and journey.

Ruth has 3 grown children, loves to spend time with family, go on walks and spend time in Mother Nature.

She lives with her daughter and their pets in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Ruth is on a mission and passionate to educate others who may be seeking answers.

She wishes to share hope, love, and understanding to others.

She has been a Registered Nurse for 35 years.

My mission: I am passionate to reach out to assist people to call a timeout, look within and begin their healing spiritual journey and align with their Soul Purpose. The time is now for people to unite in our healing! For as we heal, we are raising our vibration and assisting with all of humanity to heal. Join me on Facebook.


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