Energy Healing Sessions


I will be offering Energy Healing Sessions … as the power of the Sacred Intention is so healing.    Prior to our session, I will ask you to write down your Sacred Intention and email it to me the day before the healing.  This is what you are asking your Creator/God for help in healing.

Remote healing is very powerful.  You can be comfortable and in the privacy of your own home. I first ask for permission from your I AM.  If I receive yes, the healing continues.  If I receive a “No”, I will send you an e-mail and let you know we need to reschedule.  This may or may not happen.   I will then perform a 45-min healing session. I work with Arch Angel Michael and Arch Angel Raphael, Mary, Lady Nada and Jesus, The Ascended Masters and The Seven Sacred flames, in addition to other Divine Beings as seem fit.  I will channel messages if they are to be delivered during the sessions.  You will want to be well hydrated for your session.

Afterwards, I will type up my findings and also give you any guided messages received during the treatment.  I will let you know what work was done. You will leave feeling lighter, relaxed, and with peace and Serenity afterward.

Investment: $111 per session

BONUS: Invest in 3 Sessions For Only $300 and Save $33!

NOTE: Prices are for a limited time only and subject to change at any time.

Reiki Healing Sessions 45 minutes each


Reiki has been life-changing, it has given me a sense of who I truly am.

Before a treatment, I  question myself, am doubtful and negative.

I get a sense of lightness and relaxation, during a treatment,  I will also see and feel different things that are relevant to my life.

After a session, I am elevated and energized.  Ruth always spends time talking after the treatment is completed, which allows for clarity of my feelings and thoughts.

Ruth has allowed for me to feel completely supported and esteemed,  throughout my Reiki journey. It has been an incredible experience, and I am grateful that she has been, and continues to be beside me through out.

I choose reiki because it supports me in healing myself in all aspects of my life.

Tricia, RN

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