Read what others say about working with me:

I took Ruth’s two-day Reiki I and II class in March….and then she graciously allowed me to attend the class a second time in April so I could receive the attunements and activations again. What a life-altering experience! I went from knowing nothing about Reiki except what I had personally experienced when receiving Reiki to being able to successfully channel Reiki energy to other people. Ruth is a gifted, warm, and generous practitioner and teacher of Reiki. She has helped me to heal and led me to places spiritually that I didn’t even know existed. Thank you, Ruth!

Mary Cannon

I experienced Serenity Day with Ruth!!! Ahhhmazing conduit for God’s Divine Loving Grace. I had a life-altering experience with old ideas and energy that really no longer served me. I was able to let this go due to me feeling and being so safe and protected to do so in the presence of such a healing facilitator for Divine. Definitely, will keep on this journey!!! Self-care is a just for us lightworkers!

Melissa Brown

Ruth fostered one of the most transformative and healing sessions I have ever experienced. The ease with which she channels energy to promote healing allowed me to immediately surrender and receive beautiful messages. Whether you are new to or experienced with Reiki, I highly recommend a session with Ruth.

Katie Metcalf

Learning Reiki 1 and ll was the best gift i could have ever given myself! I have grown spiritually and emotionally in so many ways!! I cannot wait until i return for my Master attunements! Ruth has such a wealth of knowledge and the sense of peace you feel while around her, is truly addicting!! Thank you! thank you! Once again for empowering my inner gifts!! �

Jenna Turnis

First reiki treatment was incredible. I’ve been awakened to an entire new sense of self care and love with this practice.

Portia Barton

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