Master Healer Training

Master Healing is a  3-day intensive energy healing experience.  This class allows you to heal on a deeper level and attunes you to receive more light and activates more of your DNA codes.  God has supplied ALL of us with specific DNA for being a healing conduit. During class, you will receive placements (a placement is like your own DNA code for healing is activated like turning on your personal light switch for healing).  Due to free will we have to ask to have this turned on.  Thus, these placements you receive during guided meditations prepare you to become a BIGGER BEACON of LIGHT!  As with all Reiki Classes, you learn symbols to enhance your healing experience and discuss how you can begin your Reiki business.  You also learn different healing techniques so you can be guided what works best for you.  We are all equipped with different gifts for healing.  It is easy because you are not responsible for the healing that takes place…God is!  Anyone can learn at any age!  You can teach Reiki completing this class with your Certificate.  You experience Divine masculine healing energy with this class.

Master Energy Healing & Holy Fire Reiki Class: 3 Days

This 3-day class is attuning the student to attain the placements within their DNA to heal on a deeper cellular level for yourself and the clients that you work on.  You are taught symbols and this technique uses chanting and toning that create profound shifts in the vibrational frequency of the healing energy.  Remember everything is ENERGY when you are thinking of life.  The faster your vibrational frequency of your body…the more love…the better you feel!  Love is the highest of all vibrational frequencies and heals all. You experience Divine Feminine healing energy with this class.

Individuals experience a broad range of experiences during their meditations during any level of Reiki Healing Class. As you receive your placements you will experience what you need to heal from.  God does this painlessly.  In my personal life…this was my salvation when my medical regimen had completely failed me in every aspect and I was broken suffering from depression, fatigue, anger, asking the question, literally why am I here?  Reiki aligned me with healing my emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies from disharmony.  My students have experienced full life reviews, to personal life healing experiences, vivid lucid dreaming, to past lives experiences and healing.

I am very grateful to announce I have received a new symbol from Jesus that heals, balances, protects and seals your sacred heart chakra and attunes your ascended heart chakra for the ascension process!  God always gives you the healing you need in that given circumstance to allow your spiritual evolution!  Trust, have faith and believe!!!

Master Energy Healing & Karuna Reiki Class: 3 Days

Must have taken a 2 day Reiki Course.

January 19, 20, 21, 2018
May 18, 19 & 20, 2018
October 19, 20, & 21, 2018.

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