Our Rejuvenating Retreats are designed to Energize & Kick Start Nurses with a TIME OUT! Designed to really get you present, to go within and go deep…healing fear and illusions that keep us stuck!  It includes Divine Guided Meditations and since we are always a small group, you have the space to go within and heal right on the spot what is blocking you and keeping you stuck.  A lot of this stems from our childhood and gives us self-limiting false beliefs about ourselves.  This forum allows that process to happen with grace and ease as I guide you through it at all surfaces. You do not have to re-live the experience. Allowing the emotion to surface is all that needs to be released from your cellular level.

You will truly be amazed how easy it is to heal!  You will feel physically lighter immediately and relaxed. In addition, you will learn “The 5 Steps to Transform Back to Balance” healing techniques that you can go home with to assist you in your healing journey.

These 2 concurrent day sessions of guided meditations with the Arch Angels, Mother Mary, and Ascended Masters for Healing is your healing experience that will be unique to your inner healing necessary at that time to align you with your soul purpose!

You will feel a new sense of inner peace and Serenity after attending this Retreat.

Events Included Are:

*Guided meditations:  Healing Fears and illusions, balancing karma with Lord Sananda, (Jesus) and Lady Nada with the Resurrection Flame, Healing with Master El Morya and Arch Angel Michael, removing negative energy in the Core Matrix with the Ray of God’s Will & Protection.

*Healing with Master Hilarion, Arch Angel Raphael and Mary in Healing in the River of Jade, the Ocean of love with Paul the Venetian & the Holy Spirit, Master Lord Lanto his Flame Wisdom receiving divine love & wisdom. 

*Healing with St. Germain with the Violet Flame & Master Serapis Bey the Flame of Purity…transmuting and Purifying thus transforming what is necessary in your life.

*Also, we will have a special guided Meditation with St. Germain on the first day where each individual will sit in the Ascension Chair for 3-5 minutes and have a unique experience with the Violet flame that permanently raises your vibration right on the spot to assist in your healing.  Your experience is unique to your healing needs.   The higher you can get your vibration the easier your healing process becomes and the more engaged you feel with Divine.

After this Retreat, you will have a deeper spiritual inner sense of understanding and feel a deeper sense of divine love and SERENITY. This experience is truly unique for each individual.

2018 Dates:

March 25 & 26, 2018

June 23 & 24, 2018

Sept. 15 & 16, 2018

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The Serenity Retreat was a wonderful, insightful experience that I would recommend to any nurse.

Learning to value yourself as a caregiver, and ultimately as a person is a tremendous gift.

As nurses we are taught to be supportive to everyone, expect ourselves.

To be in the best position to care for others, we first must truly care for ourselves.

This is not just good for us but is required.

During the Serenity Retreat, I was able to clear up some long-held misconceptions, that I was not even aware that I held.

Most importantly, I learned how to continue to work, even after the retreat,  on erroneous beliefs that had led to damaging self-beliefs.

This retreat gave me the knowledge and tools, to truly care for me.

I have gained an acceptance and devotion for myself that I did not have before I attended.

Patricia Gasmi


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