Serenity Mentorship Program

For a beautiful Nurse Soul who is ready to change their life SERIOUSLY…to awaken their spiritual journey & to align with their Soul Purpose!

Nurses – Are you ready to stop the constant fight or flight syndrome?

It just too exhausting and very hard on your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies.   Nurses….it’s time to return to love, freedom, understanding, compassion, courage, and strength.

Are You Ready to reconnect with your Creator?

Are You Ready to learn how to disconnect from the 3D Matrix that keeps us stuck and heavy?

Are You Ready to Connect with Mother Earth for she heals and keeps us grounded?

Are You Ready to commit to CHANGE???  …  Nurses we have to begin to change our understanding of Oneness and how all things are connected…  there are no coincidences. God gives us what we need every day to heal to align with our Soul Purpose…we just have to be able to see it!  We begin to remove your blinders!

Are You Ready to begin understanding and return to love thyself…be ready to look within thru objective lenses…that is where we Nurses do our best assessing…time to treat ourselves with the respect, love, compassion, and understanding that we give our patients or clients.

Are You Ready to live in the moment…we have to be centered in the moment in order to receive our daily miracles.   The power is in the present!!!!  That is the beauty of it all…we can begin to heal immediately!

Are You Ready to invest seriously in yourself? ..In what are you worth?  What is your current medical regimen costing you and is it working?

I am living and breathing proof that this works!  That is why I am so passionate and excited and it is my Soul Mission now to reach out and assist other Nurses!

As we Nurses heal…we raise our vibration…that assists and raises the vibration for all of HUMANITY…now it the time!

What You Will Receive:

Monthly: 1 call consisting of 45 minutes each week for 3 weeks and 1 week is 45 minutes of your healing session.  The call will be recorded and sent back. Your healing session emailed to you. Support via email if something needs attention between phone calls.

In addition, I will offer the following MP3’s for healing:

Healing Fears with Jesus

Healing From Negative Energy with Arch Angel Michael

Healing with Raphael and Mother Mary and receiving Divine Love.

You will be healing with the Ascended Masters and the Seven Sacred Flames…God’s Will, Wisdom, Love, Purity, Healing Resurrection, Transmutation. In addition, you will receive any new meditations as they are developed.

This mentorship program is a way to have a coach keep you on track because of the conditioning we have been programmed to believe. By committing to yourself you will begin to heal and feel harmony with your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body, returning to a life in harmony. The flow of your life will return to grace and ease. You will gain the knowledge and insight on your reality! You will restore a feeling balanced in love, freedom, empowerment, courage, understanding. I am living and breathing proof…there is hope Nurses. Return to your inner peace and awaken your true Authenticity of your Divinity!

Why Work With Me

With the loss of my high school sweetheart and soul mate of 18 years in March of 2014…I lost complete insight on myself and burned out.  I was exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained!  I left Nursing.  I was so fatiqued!   I only knew the medical side of things all of my life and my medical regimine completely failed me.  This left me confused, lost, broken and no where to turn I reconnected with God.  As I began to say yes to his help…I re-kindled my relationship with Reiki in 2014.  I began to give Reiki healing sessions.  The beauty of healing is you heal as well as your Clients. My relationship with my Spirit Guide and Angels strenthened.

In the fall of 2016, as I was struggling in my current marriage and I began having a spiritual awakening.   Jesus appeared to me and walked me thru an exercise on how to heal from fears. I recorded this as a meditation and it assisted greatly in my healing.  In December of 2016, I returned to Nursing for the real test and was able to maintain balance.  Begining of 2017 I was guided to begin to teach Reiki.  In March of 2017 while attending a Retreat for Spiritual Teachers, I then was guided to begin Serenity Retreat for Nurses to kick start their healing.  I now have been guided by the Ascended Masters Jesus (Lord Sananda and Lady Nada) to offer this Mentorship program.  To assist Nurses that are ready for the breakthrough needed now in their life.  To begin their spiritual journey and to align with their Soul Purpose.

We never stop healing we just learn how to incorporate it into our daily lives.   I have the tools to assist where you are now in your life and where you want to go…you are not alone!  Return to a life that flows with grace and ease and return to peace and serenity! If reading this stirs something inside you contact me!

Contact Me To Book Your Free First Coaching Call!

"I Have Self-Love & Self-Worth Again"

More Sense Of Purpose! I've lost 100lBs in 1 year.  I have the energy I did as a child.  My spiritual abilities have awakened.  I have a deeper understanding of life.  I'm successful in my personal and professional life. And lastly, I'm more balanced, mentally, physically, and spiritually than ever before.  All this is thanks to Ruth!.



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